What to Look for when Hiring a Moving Company

Finding a quality mover can seem like a daunting task. We all have heard our fair share of nightmare moving stories. But a little research can go a long way and save you hard earned money when you hire a reliable and trustworthy company.  So here is what to look for when hiring a moving company.

1. Get the word out that you’re a looking for a moving company

There is no need to keep your upcoming move a secret. Even before you are absolutely sure that you are moving – get the word out on the street that you are searching for a mover. Ask friends, coworkers, family, local real estate agents and yes even your wife’s hair dresser.

The best way to find a reputable mover is by word of mouth. Moving companies by nature are trying to sell you through slick advertising campaigns. At least by asking someone you know who they recommend to move your personal belongings, increases your chances of finding a moving company that you can trust.

2. Do your own research:

Perhaps the best place to begin your research is on the Internet. A good way to start is by typing in a Google search like Atlanta Moving Companies and see what it turns up. Once you find three companies start Googling them to see what you find.

3. Drill down on your short list of moving companies:

Also type the moving company names into review sites like Yelp, Google local business, or any other reputable and impartial web site to see what others are saying about these moving vendors.

4. Be suspicious:

Just because you find a moving company with glowing reviews does not necessarily mean the reviews are legitimate. Some moving company owners ask their friends and family to write fake 5 star reviews. In fact, one red flag is a company that only has glowing reviews. Sometimes companys with a few negative reviews should be viewed as more trustworthy.

Remember the “Fly in the Soup” customer who finds something wrong with every restaurant or company they hire. Often these customers have a hidden agenda and our merely trying to strong arm a company to offer them a discount by writing a fallacious negative review. Here’s an example of a Yelp Moving review site to understand how it works.

5. Short reviews often = Fake reviews:

If you see a review site with 20 five star reviews and all of them are two sentences long- that’s a red flag. A satisfied customer often writes at least a few paragraphs with detailed information.

Coming up in our next blog: Don’t assume that big-name companies are the best.