Packing Services

Our Road Runner Packing Service helps make preparing your possessions for a move easy for you. Do-it-yourself packing can take days or even weeks. Our professional packers can pack, box up and make everything ready for moving in a just a few hours. You can hire us for a full-package deal; we provide the supplies and the packing services. Or, you can just ask us to pack, if you already have the supplies. We will work with large or small moving projects, based on your requirements. You may even call us up if you are already half way done and you simply want us to finish up professionally.

The Road Runner expert packing team always comes with more supplies than required. We do not like taking chances and you do not have to worry about being overcharged. You will only be billed for the materials used for the services.

Cost estimates of our packing service

The time duration for every packing service depends on several factors. Every move is different, so it is not possible to provide customers with exact packing costs during a phone call or by email. Road Runner can only come up with estimates based on the information you provide us. So, call us  or email us, give us as much detail as you can and we promise to give you a good estimate of how much you may have to spend.

Time estimates for packing

As an estimate, you need four hours to pack a studio-sized abode. It takes six hours, on the other hand, for a single-bedroom apartment, while eight hours should be allocated for a two-bedroom one. Time, of course, can vary depending on the materials to be used and if there are valuables that need special attention and protection.

Available supplies

There are two ways of packing that Road Runner offers. One is the old-fashioned way where we use cardboard boxes, and the other is modern packing techniques with reusable plastic crates. The second type of packing materials can be rented for the move.

Full-service for packing and/or unpacking

You already know that you are going to have to allocate a lot of time if you want to pack your possessions, and do it correctly. Road Runner Packing Service has the experts for that kind of job. We offer full-service deals, which include packing, crating, moving and unpacking. If you select this service, you will not have to worry about any part of the packing and preparation for the move.

Packing fragile or difficult-to-pack items

Perhaps you need a specialized packing service where you only require assistance to ensure that your valuable or fragile items are handled and packed professionally. If that is the case, Road Runner Packing Services can provide that task for you. Our trained packers know how to pack fragile items, such as mirrors, crystals and frames, as well as oddly shaped pieces which are difficult to wrap and pack. We have packing and wrapping materials that are specially designed to provide sufficient protection for such belongings.

Special electronics packing service

Your computers, gaming consoles, tablets, televisions and other electronic devices are valuable and thus, deserve special treatment. These items are particularly prone to damage during packing, crating and transport if they are not properly handled and professionally packed.

High quality packing materials

You can be assured that if you hire Road Runner Packing Services for a full-service deal, your belongings will be packed using high quality materials. If you are doing your own packing, we suggest that you use high quality packing materials, as well. You can obtain such materials from us.

Choosing your In/Out Box

There are always some items that you will need to use last and then use first in your new home. These items should be in a special box – your In/Out Box. This box will be the last one packed and  the first to be unpacked. Items that are typically found in such boxes include: toiletries, towels, tissues/paper towels, utensils, plates, plastic cups, vacuum cleaner, and non-aerosol cleaning supplies.