The Volvo VNL Semi trucks come With Several Safety and Self-Driving Features
Posted on October 31, 2018 by RoadRunner

From what has been announced hitherto, the Auto Shipping sector is poised for a big boost with the entry of Volvo Trucks’ latest ‘VNL’ semi-truck edition which comes with numerous noteworthy safety systems and self-driving additions.
Despite the fact that, for a long time now, Long-haul truckers have always made use of fairly sophisticated aftermarket cruise regulation systems, the broad variety of systems incorporated in the new Volvo ‘VNL’ semi truck edition is still without a doubt exciting – as it emphasises the fact that the company is on course in its mission to ultimately produce completely autonomous trucks.
To be a bit more precise, the latest Advanced Drive Assist Systems (ADAS) suite comes with forward collision alert, Flexible cruise control, automatic emergency brakes, and Lane departure alert, plus many more other features.

What is even more fascinating about these latest improvements is that the ADAS suite will be standardized in latest ‘VNL’ semi trucks. Volvo Trucks boast of being the very first OEM to provide the aforementioned features as standardised truck equipment.
The latest move by Volvo Trucks to make this new technology more easily accessible has been lauded by experts as a huge stride towards protecting truck drivers, who spend long hours on the road, from avoidable accidents that these new systems can easily prevent.