Sales for Big Auto’s completely Electric Car Shoot to 102% in the U.S.
Posted on October 31, 2018 by RoadRunner

In spite of getting a lot of criticism from different quarters, Big Auto has been making tremendous strides in its quest to provide a completely electric mode of transport. However, the biggest hurdle that faces some of the largest auto-manufacturers it the fact that they will need to crush their finances as well as write off huge investments in order for them to swiftly and completely shift to a purely electric transport. However, they risk greatly exposing themselves to a big threat if they become too sluggish in the electrification of their products.
There is no doubt that electric cars are the cars of the future given the fact that the gas and diesel trucks and cars have been destroying Mother Earth’s climate as well as the humans’ health. This means that the only morally right thing to do is to gradually phase out the gas and diesel vehicles while making the increasingly popular electric vehicles available to consumers. Since the electric cars are obviously more cost effective and friendlier to the environment, the consumers are better off helping the auto manufacturers to make a smooth transition to electric cars for the sake of the common good of humanity. Such a move will definitely be revolutionary to the auto transport industry as the business will be booming.