After Being The Best-Selling Sports Car Globally Last Year, the Sales of Mustang Have Dropped In The U.S. This Year
Posted on October 31, 2018 by RoadRunner

After a spectacular sales boom that saw it become the best-selling sports car worldwide last year, that Mustang has been experiencing a dip in sales in 2017. This might be due to the softening of industry sales as well as the fact that more and more consumers now prefer SUVs. However, there is no doubt that the world is still largely fascinated by this classic car, which is good for the auto shipping industry.

Volkswagen, which prides itself with the Lamborghini and Audi nameplates in its fold, took the top spot among the top-selling automakers for the first time in 2016. It is normal practice for all the reputable auto manufacturers to have the different car makes under their groups in order to take care of the different world markets. This helps to make up with sales in one region whenever they drop elsewhere.

General Motors Co, the U.S. rivals which came at the top of the world industry sales for over seven decades, comes in fourth with sales of about 4.7 million vehicles within the first half of the year. Volkswagen’s standing in the market might have taken quite a beating in the recent past, due to the big scandal about deception on emission tests; the damage has been offset by impressive sales in China and many other world markets worldwide, which is a clear indication that a good number of clients decided to shrug off the scandal.