Road Runner Auto Transport Services is dedicated to ensuring that our clients and customers are fully informed. We respond to Frequently Asked Questions on our web pages, or by our professional customer service personnel. Here are a few FAQ on auto transport topics.

*How long will the shipment of my vehicle take?

The time it takes to successfully ship your vehicle will normally depend on the locations of its pick-up and delivery. For example, shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles to Chicago might take from 5 to 10 days while transport from New York City to Los Angeles will take from 10 to 13 days. It is important to note that the quoted pick-up and shipment times, as well as the delivery dates, are  approximations. Each vehicle transport timing will be different according to the schedule of the carrier assigned to it.

*Do you offer door-to-door service?

Yes, Road Runner offers reliable door-to-door auto shipping, whereby the carrier drivers will ensure that they get as close as they are legally allowed to your doorstep. It is important to note that a number of cities across the country, have regulations which prohibit large trucks from driving directly into residential areas. Since auto transport trucks are big and need a lot of space for them to maneuver or turn, it would be impossible to make a delivery at your doorstep if you live in an area with low-hanging trees, speed bumps, narrow streets, or sharp and tight turns. In such cases, the truck driver might be forced to meet you or your contact person at a nearby bigger parking lot or center.

*Will my vehicle be properly insured during the shipping process?

Yes, your vehicle or vehicles will be fully insured against any damage occurring during shipment, which is the result of the failure of our equipment, or negligence on the part of our assigned shipping truck. According to the law, vehicle transport trucks are expected to carry a minimum public liability insurance of $750,000. Additionally, auto transport laws call for any insurance agency for an autonomous contractor to issue a Certificate of Insurance naming us as an extra certificate holder. The certificate should originate from the insurance agency and not from the autonomous contractor.

*When can the pick-up of my vehicle be done?

Our auto transport services are based on the As Soon As Possible (ASAP) Principle. We will assign an auto transport truck for the pick-up of your vehicle, usually within two to three days of your expected shipping date. However, our pick-ups are highly flexible in order to fit into your preferred schedule.

*Should I take a day off from work?

You do not have to take time off from work, unless our carrier driver makes such a request. In most cases, we can be flexible enough to make the pick-up at your own preferred time.

*Must I be present during the pick-up or delivery of my vehicle?

It is important that you be present at both the pick-up and delivery times. However, if you are unable to make it, then your designated contact should be there to represent you when our auto transport truck arrives.

*What happens if my vehicle gets damaged during the shipping?

Our auto transport personnel ensure that they take precautions to avoid any damages to your vehicle, while in transit. However, in the unlikely event that any damage occurs during the shipping process, you are advised to report the case to us immediately. We will then follow the right procedures to resolve the issue.

*Is my vehicle going to be carried by one truck throughout the shipment?

Yes, under normal circumstances, your vehicle will be shipped on the same auto transport truck with the same truck driver for the entire shipment period, unless an emergency such as an unexpected truck breakdown or illness of the truck driver occurs.